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I'm a software engineer and open source enthusiast especially in C, C++ & Python on GNU/Linux platform.

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Open source projects which are under development.
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Stream Resource Usages of a Command.

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Last updated Fri Nov 27 22:48:42 2020

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Simple Todo Software For GNU/Linux. Version 1.x has been developed in Python, but the new version 2.x is under the development from scratch by C++.

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Last updated Fri Nov 27 22:48:42 2020

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Sharing some experiences, knowledge, and hacks.
2018 Feb 02

Install Apache Zookeeper, Kafka and Cassandra in ArchLinux

In this tutorial we are going to install Apache Zookeeper, Kafka and Cassandra in ArchLinux. Installing this way in other Linux distribution is the same but a little bit different.
2017 Nov 11

Python Shared Data Between Processes

Providing a shared data or state between different processes is so useful and great idea because in many cases when you want to implement parallel systems, you should provide a way that each process can communicate with others.
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